WebNameHost's Domain Services

NOTE: You should register or transfer in a domain with your hosting order OR have your domain registered under our administrative authority through nameman or WebNameSource before setting up your hosting with us. You can avoid this and keep your domain where it is if you know how to administer it yourself and can change the nameservers should we need to move your account to a different server in order to balance our loads. Registering through us or transferring to us (the latter renews for another year) does not mean you lose ownership or control of your domain. Our tools are such that you will have better control over it than ever.

WebNameHost offers domain registration/hosting combo ordering/management:

You can register or transfer in a domain along with your hosting order, starting at US$11.50 for common domains. You manage it directly from our MAS (Management, Accounting, Support) system along with your hosting account. Billing is combined.

To search for and register/transfer in a single domain name using MAS.

Search via MAS for a Domain: 

WebNameHost's sister companies offer two domain registration options:


To search for and register/transfer a single domain name and get our domain management tools for US$11.50 and up (depending on the top-level domain) work through WebNameSource.com.

Search at WebNameSource for a Domain: 

OR Transfer your domain(s) to WebNameSource


To get a much wider selection of top-level domains, register/transfer multiple domains, or get an account with even better management options from $11.00 (less if you have lots of domains; contact us) work through nameman.net

Search at Nameman for a Domain: 

OR Create a nameman account OR Log in to your nameman account

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