WebNameHost Glossary

Anonymous FTP Backup Manager Buy Domains CGI-BIN
Control Panel Data Transfer Disk Space Domain Parking/Addon domains
E-mail Addresses FTP Access File Manager Form to E-mail
Macromedia Mailing Lists MIME Type Manager MySQL database
PHP Password Protection Programming Raw log access
Search Engines Shopping Cart Site Statistics SSL


Anonymous FTP:

Anonymous FTP allows visitors to your site to download files via ftp without a password.   top

Backup Manager:

The Backup Manager saves daily backups. You can download the daily backup to your home computer and you can restore your site from one of these backups. Of course, you should keep the original version of the web site on your own computer, but this gives another level of safety.   top

Buy Domains:

Our domain name registration subsidiaries WebNameSource and nameman can sell you .com .net .org and .info names for steeply discounted prices as low as $9.45/year, ($9.95 for the premium service at nameman) and give you good prices on many others, including .ca domains.   top


You have full access to your own CGI-BIN, and we supply a number of scripts you can install. You may not install BitchX, bnc, eggdrop, guardservices, ircd, psyBNC, ptlink. All these will be automatically killed and if you persist, so will your account. Chatrooms are permitted within your allowable traffic.   top

Control Panel:

CPanel enables you to manage all aspects of the account. You can administer your webspace, e-mail accounts, ftp settings, directories, subdomains, cgi-bin, site statistics and shopping carts. Resellers use the higher-level control panel WebHost Manager to create accounts, each with its own cPanel.   top

Data Transfer:

This is the amount of network traffic your domain may have per month. Most sites use less than 10MB. If you need more than your plan allows, you will need to upgrade.   top

Disk Space:

A single megabyte of disk space can hold hundreds of text pages. Most sites use less than 10 MB of space. If you need more, you can upgrade your plan at any time for the difference in yearly amounts, prorated.   top

Domain Pointers:

If you want to have more than one domain name pointing to the same site, you can do this from your control panel. For example, you can point yourWebname.net to yourWebname.com. If you want to have additional websites under your account for Addon domains, contact us for a quote. Be sure to read the documentation page on this topic.   top

E-mail Addresses:

You can set up POP boxes which store mail for you to retrieve with an eMail client such as Eudora, read your mail on the web, or use eMail aliases to redirect mail for any user to another mailbox. You can also set up autoresponders to send back automatic replies.   top

FTP Access:

FTP allows you to access and update your files 24 hours a day. There is no extra charge for this. You need either an FTP program, a secure FTP program (better), or a web page design program that includes FTP as it's way of updating your site.   top

File Manager:

The File Manager allows you to manipulate all the files in your web site using a web browser. You can to create, delete, and move files and directories files. You can also upload files from your own computer to the server using File Manager, though large quantity uploads may be better done using FTP.   top

Form to E-mail:

Our form to eMail CGI script takes the contents of a form submission and e-mail's the results to an address you specify. You may want to use this as an alternative to exposing your real eMail address on the site, so as to reduce spam.   top


We provide Macromedia Shockwave and Flash support on all accounts.   top

Mailing Lists:

Mailing lists allow you to send e-mail to several contacts (and they to each other). You manage mailing lists through the mail sub panel of the control panel.   top

MIME Type Manager:

The ability to add and delete mime types allows you full control of which software programs work with which files on your site. Mime types are managed through the control panel.   top

MySQL database:

You can set up MySQL databases using the Advanced Menu subpanel of the control panel, or you can use phpMyAdmin to administrate your mysql databases in a web based enviornment.   top


PHP and Zend for PHP are provided for dweb site developers.   top

Password Protection:

You can use the file manager from the control panel to limit who is allowed to access specified pages on your site. When visitors browse the URL for one of these, they have to enter a username and password which you manage. This feature cannot be used with Front Page extensions, which has its own file management and password system.   top


We offer Perl, PHP, and TCL.   top

Raw log access:

We offer statistical analysis programs, but if you prefer to use your own, you can access/download the raw logs of visitor traffic and do your own analysis.   top

Search Engines:

We provide a tool to allow you to submit your site to some search engines in a quick and efficient manner.   top

Shopping Cart:

The shopping cart scripts allows you to set up a store for your site. A merchant account is something you have to arrange yourself.   top

Site Statistics:

Track your visitors using popular statistics programs such as analog or webalyzer. Access is from your control panel.   top


If you need to perform secure transactions on the web using https://myWebname.com we support SSL. You need to buy a secure certificate however, and install it on your site.   top

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