The WebNameHost no-hassle Guarantee

If you have problems with our services:

  1. Be sure to contact us and tell us. We cannot fix what we do not know about.
  2. We guarantee a 100% refund on request in the first 30 days for any reason. Of course there are no refunds for violating our hosting terms, for example, by sending spam or posting porn. Otherwise, just ask, and it's done.
  3. We will prorate a refund by the number of full unused months at any time in the term of your service. We hold no one's web site hostage.
  4. If your site is down for twelve hours in a month (meaning it can't be reached more than about 98.5% of the time) and it's either our fault (box is down, software goes bad) let us know and we will add an entire month to your expiry date. If it turns out the outage is NOT our equipment but the data centre or network is down, there's nothing much we can do. It's not our fault and we cannot fix it.

NOTE: No one can make a guarantee of 99.9% and expect to keep it. Likely the host will tell you: "It's not our problem, so it's not covered." There are simply too many hackers, too many network problems that are beyond the control of a data centre. With the WebNameHost guarantee, you're covered no matter where the problems arise (apart from your own computer or your own errors getting your materials on ours of course) and we will do something about it. No excuses, no hassles.

Problems with your site or our server?
Use the Help Desk or the Contact Form. For the rare cases when this server is itself down, send email to the user host at the domain (on another server). You will of course need to write this down, as you couldn't find it here when the server isn't working. After all, we keep our own sites on the same server as yours to ensure we're well motivated to fix any problems.

From Arjay Web Services division of Arjay Enterprises and affiliate of Arjay Books