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If you:

WebNameHost can host your domain (including country domains ending in .ca .uk .ie etc.) on our well-connected high speed servers. We provide you with state of the art management tools so you can get your own content to your web site, create and read your own email accounts, and see who's been looking at your site. All this at any time of the day or night without having to contact us because we believe you should be in control of your site. But we specialize in small sites that others don't care to have on their servers, and we do answer questions when you need help.

OR we will host almost any name you like as a subdomain under or host sites with Christian content under (nice short domains). The hosting cost is the same, and you get your own control panel, but you don't have to buy a domain name. Just provide the full domain name in the form or when you order. (You can't use our trade names, adult or rude names, or obvious trademarks.

All Sites must be approved by the Hostmaster. No porn, hate, violence, explicit sex (nudity, erotica), spam allowed, nor links to any of these. See the policies page. Resellers must enforce the same conditions on their customers. Because WebNameHost is a small company, there may be a 24-hour turnaround on technical requests, and support is not available on Sundays. If your site is mission-critical and can't ever be down, you take a risk hosting with us, though we have yet to have an outage of more than a few hours, and those were due to widespread network problems. We monitor our servers for error conditions and can detect and correct these very quickly.

Site Design Work: In common with all hosts, we do provide some tools and access to scripts that may assist you in your site design (including Softaculous installed classes). However, WebNameHost does not itself do design work. There are several places that sell template designs you simply add your information into.

Advice (FWIW):

Technical blah blah:
Our sites are name-based, located on a large well-connected server farm in Arizona, and hosted exclusively on CentOS, though FP extensions are available. We do not grant shell access, but control panel, 24/7 FTP access and anonymous FTP are free. We use whm/CPanel. A static IP address is available if necessary, but has to be justified. See the features page for more info.

Problems with your site or our server?
Use the Contact Form or the Help Desk For the rare cases when this server is itself down, send email to host at the domain (on another server). You will of course need to write this down, as you couldn't find it here when the server isn't working.

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