Ordering Webhosting

Click this link to renew directly at the payment centre.

New Orders:

Step 1: You must have your own domain name

  1. If you do not, you can (1) Register or transfer in a domain along with your order for a hosting account using MAS OR go our sister company webnamesource.com to register a new domain name.
  2. If you have a domain name you will be using for your hosting account here at WebNameHost and it is not already registered it with us at WebNameSource, you should go our sister company webnamesource.com or transfer it in with your hosting order to give us administrative control (not ownership) of the existing domain (you pay for another year at the same time).
  3. If you are an advanced user with a domain name already who wishes to keep it registered elsewhere, we understand, but you will have to handle the DNS changes yourself. Be sure you can change nameservers or other data at any time, as we sometimes move accounts to different servers, and you don't want to get cut off. If you don't know what DNS is, or don't understand the above, register with us or transfer to us,
  4. OR host almost any domain name you like as a subdomain under g8.to or host sites with Christian content under 1g8.net (nice short domains). The hosting cost is the same, and you get your own control panel, but you don't have to buy a domain name. Just provide the full domain name in the form me.g8.to when you order. If you want the alternative me.1g8.net put in a ticket at MAS with details and we will change it. (You can't use our trade names, adult or rude names, or obvious trademarks. Advantage: cheaper and shorter. Disadvantage: You don't own the name, you only use it while you're hosting with us.

Step 2: You must agree to our hosting policies

Failure to abide by the no adult, no spam, no illegal sites policies will result in cancellation without refund. Do not proceed until you have read these policies and are satisfied you can abide by them.

Step 3: Select the hosting plan that suits your needs

The basic plans are billed anually, larger plans every six months, and reseller plans every three months. If you don't see a plan that suits your needs, contact us for a quote.

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You have my info and/or I am renewing/upgrading and need to go directly to the MAS centre.

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