WebNameHost Reseller Plans (discounted quarterly*)

Plan name Resell 1 Resell 2 Resell 3 Resell 4
Three Months Cost ($US) $90.00 $120.00 $175.00 $200.00
Monthly Subscription Cost ($US) $35.00 $45.00 $65.00 $75.00
Disk Space 3G 4G 7G 8G
Quality Bandwidth 35G 45G 65G 75G
Number of Domains you can create Limited only by space and bandwidth

* see also the multiple account page for a Reseller0 level for $240/y limited to 10 domains.

  1. Reductions are available if paid annually. See the billing system for exact details.
  2. Resellers must be bona fide (set up at least 5 accounts first month or will revert to Block 4 plan.
  3. Resellers must enforce the same conditions as we require on other plans.
  4. Resellers are free to advertise any prices they wish in competition with ours.
  5. Resellers get Web Host Manager software as well as cPanel for customers.
  6. Resellers may have 10 mail accounts and subdomains on their main account.
  7. Resellers are initially allowed 50 resold domains, but if all is well, this can be increased indefinitely within space and traffic limits.
  8. Resellers have access to Softaculous and all themes for no additional charge.
  9. Experienced resellers who have a track record with us will be allowed extra facilities, such as the ability to edit DNS.

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