Accessing WebHostManager (WHM)

NOTE: This section assumes you are a reseller.

  1. Use your browser to locate your new web site
    Method A: (Before your website name resolves to the correct address) Copy the IP number of your new site into the location window of your browser and press return. For WebNameHost the number is, and if you don't have a different IP number, you can just use instead. If you have purchased an IP number it is at the top of the welcome message. After you have gone to your registrar and entered the correct nameservers (see the documentation page on connecting things up) you will be able to type for this.
    Method B: (After your website name resolves to the correct address)
    Type your complete domain name into the location window of your browser and press return. You do not need the http or even the www part, but can just type, say, and a return (enter).
  2. You will either get an index, or a dummy web site we have placed there as a holder. If your name does not yet resolve, this dummy web site will reference WebNameHost rather than your domain name. Don't worry about this. You will be replacing this dummy page eventually.
  3. Call up the WHM Control Panel dialog box
    Method I Click at the end of the location window line obtained in the first step and add the word "whm" (without the quotes) after the IP number or domain name (there should be one slash between and no spaces, like this: or The server is set to force a secure log in to the control panel.
    Method 2 (Quick and simple) Go to one of our convenient login pages on (see the box at the top) or to Use the whm login rather than the cpanel login of course.
  4. Press return.
  5. (Only if using your own domain name for access rather than the server's name, else skip to next step) You may get a dialog box informing you that the security certificate being presented for secure communication belongs to This is correct, as this is the name of our server, so you can click on the OK button (or equivalent.) This is supposed to happen every time you use secure access to your account, so if anything else happens, you should not proceed but contact us instead.
  6. You should get a small box asking for your user ID and password. Enter the ones we have provided in the welcome message you received and click the OK button.
  7. You should now be looking at your whm administrator control panel.
      - the left column has a list of all the actions you are authorized for on our box
      - the larger part of the window may from time to time contain news items. It is also used to display the results of the commands you issue.
    NOTE: No matter where you are in this control panel system, you will always have the left hand column of commands available. (The appearance will depending on which theme or skin you are using (the default is called Blue. You can change this, but some browsers get hung up when you make the change and you have to close the window and open a new one after doing so.)
  8. The instructions above have to be repeated every time you sign on to the control panel. Secure access is required to prevent anyone from reading your password as it is transmitted.
  9. Explore the control panel. But before you tell the system to do something, ask yourself if you know what you're doing. If not, perhaps you oughta ask. That's what we're here for. When you first start as a reseller, some features may not be available. This is because not everyone knows what to do with them, and some could, if used incorrectly) affect all users on the box. If you think you need to be able to do something and cannot, ask. We'll either do it for you, or enable the functionality on your account. We don't provide examples because if you don't know what you're missing,g you probably are not affected by this.
  10. Note on creating accounts: When you bring up the detail page for accounts, you will observe that there is a box for selecting pre-made packages. If the package editor is enabled, you will have a choice for making these up. When you do, any packages you create will be visible to all other resellers, UNLESS you give the package a name like yourusername_package name. (that's an underscore in the middle). Then only you will "see" the packages (good idea.) Also, you will observe that you have access to other cPanel themes for customer accounts (including your own cPanel for your account.)
  11. Note on your retail accounts: On occasion, your customers may ask you do something for them that is properly done in their control panel. You can sign on to their account using their username and your password. That is, your reseller account has a master password that allows access to all accounts under it. Be very careful with your password because if it is compromised, it allows access to all your accounts, not just the one.
  12. Notice that in the left hand frame there is a link to additional documentation that is maintained by the vendor of the control panel software. Feel free to explore that material.
  13. Some resellers want more control, say, to edit DNS. we can give you this, provided you are well known to us a person with a good track record.
  14. Some resellers want their own nameservers. we an provide these, though their need is ioverrated. There will be an installation fee, but ongoing use is free of further charge.
  15. Further domumentation and a forum on WHM is available from the manufacturer, as is a forum.
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