Sample Hosting Plans

Low Cost Starters

Authors, families

from $3.50/month

5+ email boxes

200M+ storage

1000M+ bandwidth

all standard features


Multiple Sites

Nom de Plume?

from $5.00/month

5+ email boxes

300M+ storage

3000M+ bandwidth

all standard features


Reseller Plans

Designers, hosts

Compete With Us!

from $20.00/month

5+ sites

2G+ storage

25G+ bandwidth

all standard features

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More Reasons to Host with WebNameHost

Why buy from WebNameHost?

WebNameHost runs a tight security ship, limiting access, using PHPSuExec, and monitoring for intrusions, spam, and attempts to use others' resources. We only use software that has stood the test of time and security. Customers are responsible for their own backups, but we keep daily, weekly, and monthly account snapshots in case of emergency.

WebNameHost monitors its servers for problems, and has a well-established track record of almost no down time and quick response to problems. We keep many of our own company sites on the same server as our customers' so we will always be highly motivated to solve any problems. We tell you ahead of time about planned disruptions for upgrades, and what the probable or possible consequences are for your site.

What WebNameHost does not do

WebNameHost does not oversell space or bandwidth as do most hosts, hoping what one customer underuses will support others running closer to their maximum. You are guaranteed your space and bandwidth, even when everyone on the box fully uses theirs. Moreover, we let you start small rather than make you pay for things you're not using (why our prices are so low for beginners.) You can work your way up to a bigger site as you need the space, bandwidth, eMail boxes, subdomains, databases, or other resources.

Oh, and the cannonical webhosting site graphics of sharp-looking women in business suits typing at computers or purporting to answer your help desk calls are all missing here. WebNameHost is about real people solving real problems with a fast-loading, information-packed dynamic site.

And, one more thing. We use only Unix (Linux), so if you must have non-standard proprietary software that only runs on other kinds of servers, you'll have to go elsewhere.

From Arjay Web Services division of Arjay Enterprises and affiliate of Arjay Books