About WebNameHost's Technologies

What Hardware WebNameHost uses
We use at least dual processor Opteron servers housed in a high speed, multiply-connected data centre.

What Software WebNameHost uses
Customer technologies can be viewed using the link to the left. This site was created on a Macintosh computer using BBEdit and NisusWriter Pro. It was made dynamic through the use of JavaScripts and CSS sheets of our own devising to control the menus, the visibility of certain items, the look and feel of the interface, the corner rounding, and the loading of pages into cells (Ajax). Tables are employed in a few places for tabular data, but not for page layout. We built a script that allows us to set up rows of cells without using tables. The net effect should be a much faster-loading site than most, as page code size is dramatically reduced and only new data is loaded when you click on a link.

From Arjay Web Services division of Arjay Enterprises and affiliate of Arjay Books