General Hosting Information/Documentation


General questions and short answers on a variety of topics. more

Technical FAQ

Q & A on specialized technical topics. more


Definitions of terms.    more

Switching from an existing Host

Step by step on how to manage the transition.    more

Getting a Website Started

Creating Your Site

How to create your web pages. more

Connecting Everything Together

How to ensure that when people type your domain name in their browser, your site actually comes up. more

Accessing The cPanel (retail) Control Panel

How to access the basic management tools to configure your new web site. more

Setting up Users and eMail

How to set up POP accounts and forwarding addresses for eMail.   more

Configuring MailScanner (anit-spam and anti-virus)

How to configure MailScanner to reduce spam and viruses.   more

Uploading Files to create the website

How to put your files on your web site.    more

Additional Domains

How to subdivide your website or add other websites to your account. more


How to ensure the integrity of your website data.    more

Accessing the WHM (reseller) Control Panel

How to access the reseller management tools.    more

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